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metric tons for steel, said the premie〓r. Continued capacity reduction is in line with ma〓rket expectations. DIFFICULT CUTS China is the wo〓rld's largest producer and consumer of steel and co〓al, but gluts can have implications such as depress〓ed commodity and materials prices, reduced profits 〓of debt-ridden firms, and increased non-performing 〓loans that jeopardize financial stab0

ility. While c〓apacity cuts are necessary and have long-term benef〓its for the economy, the process has not been witho〓ut challenges. Capital-intensive industries presen〓t potential investment, taxation and jobs for local〓 governments, which in at least two cases broke cap〓acity-cutting rules set by the central government. 〓 Huada Steel in eastern China's Ji7

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angsu Province an〓d Anfeng Steel in northern China's Hebei Province w〓ere identified by authorities in December for viola〓ting capacity reduction efforts in the sector with 〓"extremely bad influence." Thanks in part to the e〓fforts, China's broadI

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